Cast Iron Plant

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  • cast iron plantThe plant was introduced into Europe and then America over 100 years ago. The cast iron plant was originally introduced as an ornamental. This plant was popular during Victorian times and typically served as a parlor decorative plant.  The plant was widely considered to be a middle class plant for some time.

    The cast iron plant has been in and out of fashion since Victorian times. While it might be considered a tropical plant it can survive near the Himalayas.  It is also used in the southern US as a ground cover under large trees.  The cast-iron plant has been reported growing year round outdoors in southern New Jersey.

    Planting Outdoors

    cast iron plant outsideWhen growing this plant outdoors, water regularly during the initial growing season. This will help your plant establish an extensive root system. You can reduce the watering schedule for your cast iron plant after the roots are established. Fertilize with a general-purpose fertilizer in spring before new growth begins.

    If you are not a good gardener, or feel you’re not, this common house plant might just be your salvation. It will grow with little tending to, is always green and can grow in deep shade.

    The Perfect Choice

    The cast iron plant is perfect for anyone, really. If you are a plant lover, you will enjoy having this plant in your collection because it is different and you will love the way it looks. If you are a “brown thumb,” then you may want to look into this type of plant because there is not much you can do that will kill it. If you get one you will find that you can pretty much do anything and your cast iron plant will tolerate it. After all, that is how it got its name.

    Whatever your reason for getting this common house plant, you will be glad you got one. Yes, they are a little more expensive than snake plants, but they are so much more interesting.

    cast iron plant inside the houseRemember this cast iron plant is one of the best house plants you can have. The best part about this type of plant is that it is basically maintenance free. It is the best choice for an indoor house plant because it can thrive in dim light. It grows best in 10 inch pots. Be sure to use a somewhat moist soil for potting.

    You only need to water when the pot is dry. It is the perfect plant choice for those who forget to keep up on watering or caring for a plant.  Keep your plan in a dim lit area and wipe its leaves a couple of times a year to keep the leaves looking bright green. You may also need to fertilize the plant every few months as well.

    They look nice outside on the deck or patio. They can be put in a container and placed on the porch for a nice decoration. They also provide a great background for flowers if you would like to create a flower arrangement to display.

    The bottom line? If you have limited time or travel a lot then this is the perfect house plant for you.

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