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    Aspidistra Plant:  Say what?

    Aspidistra PlantHave you ever heard of aspidistra plant?  Sounds strange right?  Well, aspidistra plant is said to be a plant native to the country of Japan and it has dark green leaves and during spring may actually bloom purple flowers. This plant is also know as “cast iron plant “ or “ iron plant “ because it is said that they can stand not being taken cared of for a period of time. In short, it is a plant only needing low maintenance. Sound strange even if they belong to the lily family.

    If you think you want to grow an aspidistra then no one will blame you. For a plant to grow with the smallest of attention is admirable. One thing though, this plant does not want or need that much sunlight. It can also be grown outside of the house for as long as they are planted in a dark or shaded area of your backyard or garden. It is also okay even if you only plant them Aspidistra Plant growin pots. In fact, aspidistra plant will probably anticipate the transfer to another environment if you give them as a gift.

    The aspidistra plant, when it develops, grows leaves that are about 6 inches in height.  You can put them inside the house but their leaves may benefit from some dust cleaning from time to time as they become part of your interior decoration. You do not really have to mind them that much as you bring them in. Meaning to say, they do not require much attention and care from you. A little water here and there will do them fine. If you want to reproduce an aspidistra plant, well just observe while new shoots grow from their pots and you can just plant this into small decorated cute pots they can call their own.

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