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  • Purple Heart Plant

    The purple heart plant traces its origin in Mexico and is also known by the name of Wandering Jew. It is a beautiful garden plant that got its name from the color of its leaves. When young, the purple heart plant has a deep color purple that changes hue into a grayish blue as it matures.

    It grows best in places with weather that approximates its native land, Mexico. While they appreciate a lot of moisture the purple heart plant thrives on a hot and dry climate and can survive long periods without rain. It prefers to be under sunlight and is not too fond of the shade so think very well where it will be best in the garden. Consider also growing it in hanging baskets and enjoy the view of purple trails. While it can be grown indoors, its color will only bloom at its brightest with a bit of sun. It can also be more sensitive to insect attacks if grown indoors.

    Maintaining a purple heart plant is not difficult since it transplants easily. Just ensure that the stem is buried well in the soil, preferably the sandy type. Pruning and cutting back at regular intervals are necessary since this plant easily gets excited when the environment is good and may tend to invade other plant areas. Pruning will also help in producing a thicker bushy growth that will look really good amidst a sea of green.

    In summer, the purple heart plant shows off small pink flowers, adding charm to the already stunning color of the plant. It should not be a difficult decision whether to include the purple heart plant in one’s garden. With the exception of weather or climate consideration, growing and caring for this beautiful plant will be very manageable and the delight is watching it grow and bloom will be worth all the effort.

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